Gregory Pizarro, Jr
Gregory Pizarro, Jr., CDFM-A, at current, serves in the United States Army Reserve as the Deputy Chief of Budget for the 398th FMC and the VP, Global Technology and Operations at Bank of America. Greg has a background in Project and Operations Management driven to manage costs and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with users, vendors and service providers. He comes to North Carolina after serving on Active Duty as an Adviser to the Commanding General at the 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command at Fort Hood, TX. In his previous assignments, he has served as the Chief, Internal Controls and Chief, Financial Planning, Policy and Operations where he examined, analyzed, and prepared the Operations and Maintenance Budget for the Comptroller of the Army Reserve and the Office of the Chief for the Army Reserve valued at $3.6B. In addition, Greg has served on multiple campaigns to include the presidential and Virginia gubernatorial campaigns, where he has continuously been victorious.
​Greg possesses a comprehensive background in leadership, strategic planning, risk management, and critical thinking. Greg Currently serves as the CFO for the National Libertarian Party and as the Chairman of the Board for Generation NOW, a non-profit dedicated to the professional growth of young professionals. His career is supported by multiple professional certifications, a Bachelor of Political Science and Economics, and his current pursuit of Master of Business Administration.